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Why You Should Buy .GG Domain

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Here’s why you should buy .gg domain.

Read on and discover the present trends and market demands of .gg domain names.

The eSports industry is huge, and it’s growing fast, and the (.gg) domain extension has widespread adoption within the gaming community. And inside the realm of this gaming industry, .GG has a definitive meaning and an acronym of:

.GG stands for “Good Game”, “Good-Game”, or “GoodGames”.

And when it comes to eSports and gaming, .GG domain names really are everywhere, being frequently used for eSports teams and gaming startups in particular.

The adoption of .gg in the esports and gaming industry has also led to rising demand for these domain names, and right now there is a growing demand and buzz around .gg domains.

Here are just a few examples.

1. – NRG eSports is one of the top eSports teams in the world.
2. – Evil Geniuses is the #2 top-grossing eSports team in the world.
    To date, they’ve made over 21 million dollars winning tournaments.
3. – Cloud9 is another top-ranking eSports team that has won over $8M in tournaments.
4. – Team OG, another awesome DOTA 2 team with major sponsorship from
    Red Bull.

And to name a few, here are some of .GG domains that are sold in the domain marketplace.

1. – $49,995 USD – Media Code LLC
2. – $44,074 USD – Sedo
3. – $13,339 USD – Sedo
4. – $12,750 USD –
5. – $12,000 USD –
6. – $9,000 USD –

Where To Buy .gg Domains

Premium .gg domain names can be found on this website. The following .gg domains are still available for sale on this website.


How To Buy .gg Domains

1. Best Option – Buy It Now

To avoid a “Price War” between Buyers, selecting “Buy It Now” is the best option. While others are still negotiating to lower the price, You grab the exclusive right to immediately own the domain, by selecting the “Buy It Now” button.

2. Submit Your Best Offer

Simply fill out the form you see on the Domain Sales page and make sure to fill up the Domain Name that you want to Purchase with your Best Offer in US dollars. Also type in your First and Last Name, Country and Contact Phone Number, and Email Address. Expect to receive an email reply within 24 hours from the date of your submission.

When the Seller accepts your Best Offer to purchase the domain, you will be given a link where you initiate the domain payment thru

That’s it!

When the domain payment is secured by, the domain transfer will immediately follow which will only take 3 – 5 days to complete.

Once it’s done, you will become the new owner of the domain name, where you have full control and exclusive ownership to optimize its full potential!

Buying your .GG domains at website grant you total peace of mind having,

01. Guaranteed Buyer Protection
02. Safe and Secure Payment via, and
03. Fast & Easy Domain Transfer.

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